cell-aid سيل ايد

cell-aid سيل ايد

Cell Aid New Improved Formula - Plantokine

Why We Changed The Name Of Cell Aid?

We would like to inform the public that we have simply changed our brand name from Cell Aid to Plantokine to achieve competitiveness and sustainability within the dietary supplements market and to protect our patented formula, to attract more venture capital!

Plantokine was first registered and introduced as the brand name "Cell Aid" in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in 1998 by the late Ahmad Shehadeh, who made it his home where the herbal supplement was sold.

His son Mohammad Shehadeh continued his father's legacy and later renamed the product Plantokine in 2010, after the immune system messengers (Cytokines) that his father discovered in plants.

Are Cell Aid Supplements Available For Sale?

No, Cell Aid supplements are no longer available for sale to the public, but the great news is that our new product is now available.

A Note Of Caution With Cell Aid...

Please note that we have completely stopped the manufacturing and distribution of all Cell-Aid products and that our new product is Plantokine. Beware Of Fake Cell Aid Products Being Sold As Original In The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and The Republic Of Yemen.

About Plantokines Inc.

Plantokines, Inc. is a nutritional supplement company located in Sacramento, California.

We focus on developing natural, safe, affordable and effective ways to support immune system health. The company builds on Ahmad Shehadeh's research conducted over 20 years ago. Shehadeh discovered a way to extract human-specific immunoglobulins and cytokines from plants - discoveries he applied to his own health challenges.

His son, Mohammad Sheh
adeh has continued Shehadeh's legacy by working in collaboration with doctors, researchers and people seeking better immune health to develop safe and natural solutions.

• Find out more about Plantokine, Inc.'s special immune system supplement.

We welcome all questions about Plantokines, Inc. You can call us at 1-888-375-2686 or contact us by email.

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